The Brewery


Unfortunately, after 8 years of operations, we have closed as of April 20, 2024. First COVID zinged us with news that the Farmers Market was closing, which meant we were going to have to move. Finding a place that could handle 21-foot high equipment was a challenge, so we sold the equipment and planned a new taproom venture. BUT, while Augusta is full of big buildings with the size we would need, it has a nearly non-existent inventory of buildings that don’t need millions of dollars worth of renovation/rehab to even be functional. With no place to move to, we’ve called it a day.

We’ll have a “Yard Sale” May 25th with our remaining packaged beer, merchandise, furniture etc. Please come say goodbye and grab some soon to be collector’s items merch while you have the chance!

The Brewers

Keep it in the family

Brey Sloan is a retired Army Colonel. She studied brewing technology at the World Brewing Academy (Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany), earning an International Diploma in Brewing Technology. Brey also apprenticed at the Bayern Meister Bier Brewery in Fujinomiya, Japan. A home brewer for over twenty years before her commercial brewing training, she has enjoyed good beer around the globe.

Anne Sloan is a Marine Biologist turned beer enthusiast. She has worked in bars and restaurants and is a Certified Cicerone working on her Advanced Cicerone rating. You are most likely to see her pouring you a beer behind the bar in the taproom.